First marine dataset in the Carbon Portal

26 May 2017

The first marine dataset is now available at the Carbon Portal. Click here to see the landing page for this dataset.

This data was collected on the marine ICOS VOS line Nuka Arctica, and was taken from the  data product "Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas" (SOCAT) version 4. 

This dataset is the first of many historical marine ICOS datasets that will be submitted to and made available at the Carbon Portal. These are data from marine ICOS stations that were measured prior to when OTC came into being. Note that since such data were collected before stations became official ICOS stations, and has thus not gone through standardised processing and quality control, they can not be considered to be official ICOS data with the highest quality designation.

OTC will continue the effort to make all historical data from marine ICOS stations available at the Carbon Portal.