ICOS OTC data processing workshop - 07. - 09. December 2022

ICOS OTC invites the ICOS station PI's to the upcoming data reduction workshop.


07. - 09. December 2022
(lunch to lunch)







The goal of the workshop is to discuss ICOS data processing steps and learn how to rescue questionable data. Most of the processes are implemented in QuinCe, but some questions are still up for discussion (interpolation length, gap filling,...). We will also spend some time processing data with QuinCe and reserve enough time for discussion and individual problem solving.

Feel free to contact the OTC and tell us your wishes for the workshop. The workshop is open only for members of the ICOS-Oceans network, so that we can concentrate on ICOS relevant datasets.

We plan to have the workshop in person, but if you prefer to join remotely, please let me know.

Relevant documents and links:

Draft Agenda: Agenda
Registration Closed - please contact Tobias via Email

We hope to see many of you in December!

If you need more information, please contact Tobias diretcly (email: tost@norceresearch.no)