ICOS OTC Training and support

As a member of the ICOS network the station operators have access to special training events and support. Here you find information about the support we offer and training events we are supporting at the moment. For information about previous training events please have a look at the training archive.

Contact: Tobias Steinhoff
Please send your suggestions for training and support activities to tost@norceresearch.no

Station support:


Reference gases
Together with the ICOS flask and calibration lab in Jena, Germany, the OTC is providnig calibrated reference gases for CO2 for the ocean stations. The gases are made with real air and are referenced against the established WMO scale. If a station needs reference gases, please follow the link to the right. This will be also the place to find the referenced CO2 values for all reference gases that are distributed in the ocean network. The gas bottles are 20L aluminum tanks with a DIN14 connection for the gas regulator.
ICOS reference gases
Sensor calibration
The OTC is working on an adequate solution to support the fixed ocean station (FOS) in a similar way as the Ship of Opportunity (SOOP) lines with reference gases. A working group is evaluating possible solutions together with the MSA. In the meantime ICOS OTC is paying one CO2 sensor factory calibration per station and year. To learn about the procedure and get your free calibration, please read the instructions via the link on the right.
Sensor calibration sheet
Station visits/support
Based on the station needs but at least every four years the OCT will organize a station visit. During the visit the possible problems and improvements can be discussed witht the OTC personnel and the OTC gains first hand insight into the stations specific measurements. Furhermore additional tests or installations can be done during a station visit. The OTC is also there to assist with problems that occur during normal operations. If you are intersted in OTC visiting your station or you need assistance with a problem, please use the contact given on the right.


Annual workshops
ICOS OTC is organizing annual workshops about topics that are raised by the station operators. In 2024 we will organize a dedicated ICOS workshop for Icos ocean personnel. The workshop will take place in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France and will be in combination with the MSA meeting.
UPCOMING workshop:
07. - 10. October
Sumer schools
IOCCP sensor course
ICOS OTC is co-funder of the  bi-annual IOCCP sensor course. The course is designed for early-career scientists to learn to use a suite of ocean biogeochemical sensors, with the goal of closing the knowledge gap between ocean technology and potential end users.
ICOS OTC is co-organizer and can send up to four participants to the course.
LAST IOCCP sensor course:
05. - 18. June 2023
Kristineberg, Sweden
SOLAS summer school
ICOS OTC sponsors the SOLAS summer school and will send a lecturer. The SOLAS Summer School series is tailored to multi- and interdisciplinary students and early career marine and atmospheric scientists.
LAST SOLAS summer school:
05. - 16. June 2023
Mindelo, Cabo Verde
ICOS summer school
ICOS OTC is involved in the bi-annual ICOS summer school "Challenges in measurements of greenhouse gases and their interpretation". The summer school is for early-career scientistst working in the ICOS network. The school handles almost all relevant aspects of Carbon Cycle science in the context of global climate change, organized as lectures and practical exercises.
LAST ICOS summer school:
End of May 2023
Hyytiälä, Finland