Data Processing

All data produced by stations in the ICOS OTC network will be processed using a central online tool called QuinCe. Station PIs will upload raw data files to QuinCe directly from their instruments, where the measurements will be extracted and processed using algorithms approved by the scientific community.

QuinCe will perform automatic quality control routines to find the most obvious problems in uploaded data (e.g. values outside reasonable ranges, spike detection etc.) and flag these. The station PI will review the results, along with the rest of the data, to complete the quality control process and prepare the data for publication at the Carbon Portal.

Once the PI has completed quality control, an OTC expert will perform a final check on the data. Once this is complete, the data will be published at the Carbon Portal, as well as being passed on to other projects and data centres as appropriate (e.g. the Surface Ocean CO₂ Atlas and the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service).

Where a station has the ability to transmit data directly from the platform in Near Real Time, QuinCe will be able to retrieve this data, perform the automatic quality control, and publish it at the Carbon Portal and Copernicus.

This poster gives you a quick overview over QuinCe. More information will follow soon:

QuinCe Poster